Successful Methods Used in THC Detox

Marijuana use has a lot of benefits. Drug tests in places like the workplace or when looking for employment might be necessary. Taking marijuana can be disadvantageous especially if you are looking for a new job, or your employer requires all the staff to take a drug test. With the aim of knowing whether a person takes marijuana, they carry out a drug test to check the presence of THC in the system. The process of cleansing your body from THC and any other component related to marijuana is called the THC Detox. THC Detox methods are related to the type of drug test to be carried out and the time of notification. The following detoxification methods have been discussed so as to ensure you pass your drug test.

You can detoxify yourself using the natural method. This method however is only applied if the drug test notice has been given in a month or more. If you choose to use this method, you will first have to stop consuming marijuana. Therefore no more THC will be taking in by your body. Taking a diet rich in fruits and fluids is the next step of natural detoxification. Toxins present in the body will be removed by consuming fruits and fluids. Lastly, involve yourself in physical exercise so as to increase the rate of metabolisms in the body hence getting rid of the toxins in the body.

In a situation where you are notified of the drug in a week, on can use detoxification products to ensure that they flush away the THC and pass the drug test. Similar to the natural THC Detox method, you should first stop consuming marijuana. Detox products like Detox drinks will assist in cleansing the your system since the natural detoxification method cannot work in a week. Toxins are gotten rid off by using Detox drink since the drinks dilute the body fluids and the urine, hence traces of THC cannot be seen.

In case of that rare situation where one is given short notice of a day or some hours to the drug test, there is a solution too. In this case, there is no time to detoxify naturally, and you might not be prepared financially to buy Detox products. Water detoxification is therefore the only other option. In this method, you are required to take like two to four litres of water so as to dilute your urine and minimize the chances of THC being detected. However, colorless urine will sell you out; hence you need to make your urine have a natural yellow color and creatinine found in natural urine. Vitamin B and creatine taken an hour or two before the test will successfully make your urine appear natural. The natural looking urine will have not THC and hence you will pass the drug test.

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