The Fundamentals to Know of on Immigration Bail Bonds

Over the past few years there has been seen an increase the number of immigration related arrests. Statistics have it that in the year 2017, there were over 140,000 immigration related arrests. What’s further appalling is the fact that with the change in guard in the United States, these arrests have increased by leaps and bounds in the year that followed, increasing by over 40%.

Considering the fact of how volatile the political climate is in the United States, any immigrant resident in the US should note the fact that the immigration laws in the United States do not just change often but do so quite fast. Going by the fact that quite a number of the Immigration Executive orders were signed into effect in the past year, it is such quite important for all to know precisely how the immigration bonds work.

If at all you or a loved one has been arrested and as such detained for these issues, as such are in search for an immigration bond, the following guide will certainly get you on the right path in your search.

What you need to know of first is the various types of immigration bonds. The other kinds of bonds for the other legal situations are a lot more straightforward but this is not the case for the immigration bail bonds which happen to be a bit complex. This can be convoluted a process and anyone who has immigrated before quite well understands this fact.

Immigration bail bonds are a federal bond as well called ICE Form 1-352. It doesn’t matter whether the detained has a Green Card or not, they will need an immigration bail bond to be freed from custody. Basically, there are two kinds of immigration bail bonds available and one needs to understand these two before they finally make an application for any of these.

One of these is the Delivery bond. If at all you or a loved happens to be detained for immigration issues and as such seeking freedom from detention to spend some time with family as they await their immigration hearings, then a delivery bond will be the ideal bond to apply for. However, there are some requirements that the detainees must satisfy before they are finally granted a delivery bail bond. One of these conditions is such as the fact that the particular detained person must actually never have been found guilty of some crime in the past. Thus you need to talk to an immigration attorney so as to make sure that any previous ruling on the detainee do not disqualify their application for bail.
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